Canadian Cancer Care is a multidisciplinary medical clinic with a focus on follow-up care for cancer survivors in northern Alberta. The clinic’s extensive medical team includes dedicated primary care and specialist physicians, with a special interest in oncology and palliative care, and the desire to help cancer patients with their journey to better health. Canadian Cancer Care’s comprehensive list of medical services – which are covered by Alberta Health Care – include cancer screening, diagnosis and surveillance, family medicine and palliative care..

Patients can be referred from their family physicians, surgeons, or oncologists, or call for an appointment without a referral.

The Choosing Wisely Canada campaign has identified cancer surveillance as an area that can be done as good, or better, in a primary care setting:

“Several studies (including randomized clinical trials) have demonstrated that surveillance following definitive cancer therapy can be performed equally well, and in a more patient-centered fashion, within a primary care setting. With the substantial increase in cancer survivors, the traditional practice of providing routine follow-up care through specialist cancer centres is placing rising demands and competing with other care delivery functions of such centres. Primary care providers are both willing to provide follow-up cancer care and have repeatedly assumed such responsibility. Despite this, the transition to primary care in Canada has been both variable and incomplete.”