If you are a patient...

We regret to inform you that Canadian Cancer Care and Edmonton Comprehensive Care currently has no family physicians accepting new patients. However, Canadian Cancer Care will now be offering general oncology services. The clinic will see patients requiring:

  • workup of suspected recurrent cancer
  • management of long-term cancer treatment side effects
  • surveillance of cancer patients after treatment and discharge from the Cross Cancer Institute or other similar facility
  • Cancer screening

*Patients who have completed cancer treatment must have been discharged from the Cross Cancer Institute or other similar facility.
*Patients with suspected cancer must not have already been referred to the Cross Cancer Institute or other similar facility.

Patients will be accepted with or without a referral.

Services are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Please call 780-306-5656 to book your appointment. Leave a message with your name and contact number and we will call you back to book your appointment. Alternatively, please fill out the contact form below:

If you are a physician...

Please send a referral letter or referral form via fax to 780-306-5757:

You will receive a return fax or phone call to let you know that we have received the referral and that an appointment has been booked for your patient. We will also contact your patient directly with an appointment time.